>> Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today was another day to do odds and ends to get ready for the wedding. It's in TWO WEEKS! It's starting to seem very very soon. We were very happy with our idea for favours. Three people today asked me what favours are (although to be fair one of them was my four-year-old niece) so I will just mention that they are the little chocolates or suchlike that you take away with you as a treat/thank you/memento. Much like the loot bag but of course more weddingish and elegant. I spent most of the afternoon assembling the favours, printing out labels and writing people's names on the tags since they will double as place cards. Of course I can't show any pictures so it's a surprise for my readers who will also be guests!

Speaking of my niece/flower girl, I just talked with her on the phone this afternoon and as always (believe it or not throughout our year-long engagement) she was greatly interested in hearing more about the wedding plans. She was asking to see my wedding dress a year ago before I'd even picked up a bridal magazine. She was very excited today to hear about the cake and the favours and told me she was really looking forward to the wedding.

Today I also did a practice run with my bouquet. I'm actually making the two bouquets and four boutonnieres myself since I felt I could do it. I don't know if it's a good thing or not but knowing so many crafts I just assume I can make anything. But I really don't know much about flowers. The style I like best is just tied in the middle with floral tape, then covered with a thick ribbon, then a thinner ribbon in a bow. I have special ribbons which I am saving for the real thing. I love white flowers but I wasn't sure they would work since my dress is off-white but I held up the bouquet next to it and it looks very nice. I wanted gardenias but I've heard they need to be wired because they don't have substantial stems. I do really like carnations though.

Here is a close-up picture. The final thing will be more carefully done, I just wanted to try it out generally. I will make sure the ribbon covers the floral tape. But I do prefer simpler, more natural-looking bouquets anyway, with just one kind of flower. I may add leaves around it though.
And finally how lovely do Blair and Peter look on their wedding day? I love her anniversary photograph too.


Mel September 04, 2006  

You know this by now, since you did your trial run, but I wanted to say that I made my own bouquet, plus my best women's (3). No one wanted corsages or boutenniers (sp), so I lucked out there. I got up a little early the day of the wedding, with buckets full of random flowers purchased at Sam's and Costco, and assembled. They really turned out great. (pic)

Junie Moon September 04, 2006  

Your wedding is going to be so lovely and meaningful with all the personal details and efforts you are making. You'll never regret the work you have put into this. I like your simple bouquet concept--sometimes I think wedding floral arrangements are overdone and detract from the simple and glorious beauty of the flowers themselves.

Claire Louise Milne September 04, 2006  

Thank you for the nice comments and encouragement! Doing a trial run was really helpful because I learned from it and the real ones will be better. I've found that the carnations are quite hardy - the boutonniere fell out of it's little egg cup of water at some point and it hasn't wilted at all!

Heather September 04, 2006  

Carnations are an under-rated flower - I think they make a lovely choice. I really like your idea of covering the tape with a large ribbon and then a smaller one in a bow. (Also - adore the little sugar bowl or tea pot on your counter...sugar bowl?)

Anonymous,  September 04, 2006  

Claire, I love those carnations. Your wedding is full of so many personal touches, it's going to be so very special. Savor every moment of it.

Anonymous,  September 07, 2006  

Claire, your simple bouquet will be stunning. As everyone else said, your personal touches will make the wedding. Looking forward to seeing the pics from the Big Day!

Erin September 09, 2006  

Looks really lovely. Just remember to dry the stems well before walking down the aisle... so you don't have water dripped all down the front of your dress.

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