Easy knitted acorn bag

>> Thursday, November 24, 2005

Here is a recent creation... I finally added the acorns but I'm not sure about the branches, I may take those off. I've been thinking about what a great beginner's project it would make.

Are you tired of knitting scarves and dishcloths? Still only comfortable knitting squares and rectangles? Here it is, the easiest bag ever! All you do is knit 2 squares and a very long and skinny rectangle, and sew it all together. The long skinny rectangle becomes the sides, bottom and strap of the bag. You can do it with garter stitch (all knit) or stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row). If you use stockinette, I recommend doing the last few rows all knit, so that the tops of the bag won't curl.

For mine I did stockinette for the squares and the sides/strap is all knit. I also used a smaller needle than recommended for the yarn, this makes it very dense and tight, so it can hold your things and not sag. Mine turned out so dense that I didn't even need to sew in a lining, although I might, if I can find something cute, like a vintage oak leaf pattern or something like that. And of course the embroidery on top is optional. I used a basic chain stitch for the leaves and satin stitch for the acorns, using scraps of wool. Finally I added a vintage button and a loop to go over the button. So there you have it, the perfect easy peasy bag project! (with evidence inside of my latest yarn spree at knitomatic)


Anonymous,  November 24, 2005  

It seems that this "yarn spree" was large enough to prevent the button and loop from being properly demonstrated. That looks like almost a pound of wool-llama blend filling out your cutie bag.

Anonymous,  November 25, 2005  

I love the acorns - they're so cute! For the past year I have been slowly knitting a bag for my knitting (there's a weird irony in there somewhere) and haven't been able to find nice fabric to line it, so if you have any vintage source ideas........

Claire Louise Milne November 25, 2005  

Well there's always Goodwill. Once I found several vintage aprons with great 40s patterns. Also flea markets in general. I have a link on my page to an online shop that has really cute vintage fabric: kitty craft. No, I'm not getting a kick back - Hmm, maybe I should look into that..

Anonymous,  February 11, 2006  

Winter greetings from Finland! Could you tell me approximately what size your acorn bag is? It is just adorable, I want to knit one for my daughter.

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