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>> Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This is my Illustration Friday entry, this week's topic was "small". I decided to do an illustration for Hans Christian Andersen's story "Thumbelina", a story that I have always wanted to illustrate. This is the part of the story where Thumbelina escapes marriage to the mole by flying away on the back of a swallow.

This is my first Illustration Friday entry, so I made some extra effort. I think doing it was/will be really good for me, because it's an opportunity to do something without any rules or restrictions. Sometimes I start to forget what I would do if I could do anything at all. I've added the Thumbelina illustration to the top of my blog because I like it, and maybe to remind myself about that.


Alexa Brett November 29, 2005  

I like your illustration. Your blog is also a lot of fun. I will be back for your great projects for my kids.

erilyn November 29, 2005  

sweet line work and color!

Anonymous November 29, 2005  

The swallow's colours are superb! I like the expression on Thumbelina's face. Nice choice of illustration for the topic :)

patricia November 29, 2005  


And hurray for you for starting a blog!

ValGalArt November 29, 2005  

I love it and your colours!

carla November 30, 2005  

This is so colorful and full of energy! I love the story of Thumbelina (I actually illustrated her for the IF topic, Float), and this is a great part to depict. Your watercolors are beautiful...I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Anonymous,  November 30, 2005  

Very beautiful. I love the colors!

creative kismet November 30, 2005  

Just beautiful! Great illo!

Danny Kaye,  November 30, 2005  

What’s the difference if she's very small?
When her heart is full of love she’s nine feet tall!

Dee November 30, 2005  

Your color choices are nice and fresh. You also captured the movement of the flight very well.

Christine Lim Simpson December 02, 2005  

Welcome to IF. Lovely illo. Keep posting. Will be back to read your blog.

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