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>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

I even updated the house... this is our old living room

I was asked by an Apartment Therapy editor if she could post one of the pictures from my blog. Of course I said yes since I'm a huge fan. I checked out the post several hours later to discover I am not a hit.

In my defense, I can only say that it was a pretty old post. I did update the fabric to one I like better too, a Marimekko print. I did resew the panel so that it's more snug. And the cabinet does have glass doors which didn't show up too clearly in the photo. (as for how I get the cds out - a bit mystified by that comment - I open the door and take them off their shelf.)

But as for ripping all my cds - there are 100s and I'm just too lazy so I have to take the shame. I do dream of a future with a neat little Tivoli system. In the meantime, my nephew also had a big laugh at my old-fashioned cds so I knew I was behind the times. Although he had an even bigger laugh at the old cassette tapes I gave to my sister to play in her car... (and an even bigger laugh at the black and white TV at my parent's house)

But most importantly of all, I have to say that I'm grateful that I have friendlier commenters - at least you guys just ignore me when you don't like what you see! And I love you for it.


Katy June 11, 2009  

Geeezzz I just went and had a look out of curiosity what people had said - what a bunch of twats...

I would like to see any of those people make something like that - i bet they couldn't even find there own head as it was probably so far up there...... anyway!!

I think it is an awesome idea! It is like having an art panel up on the wall that you can change when ever you want but it also serves the purpose. of covering up your CD's too..

Ignore those butt heads :-)

Ashley June 11, 2009  

you're the second person who's blog i read who's posted a really cute diy on their blog to have it torn apart on AT. Personally I think the editors on AT have much better taste than many of their readers (at least the ones who seem to think their opinion is worthy of posting comments) - so stick with the compliment of being asked and ignore the wannabes in the comments!

At least AT asked before posting yours, last person wasn't asked just appeared on there...!

I liked the person who thought that your cd collection would say more about you than a piece of fabric....clearly that person's not so into crafts - i'm pretty sure fabric says more about me than my cds!!

LeeAnn June 11, 2009  

Oh snap! People can get really opinionated from the safety of their computer screen. Everyone is a critic! Anyways, I think is an awesome idea of using what you have. (and it looks good too!) If you're not going to download them, then they have to put somewhere.

anabela / fieldguided June 11, 2009  

I don't even read Apartment Therapy because the comments are so mean. People can be so rude when they're anonymous. I think your cabinet looks great (I love the Marimekko fabric!) and I think you're handling this with good humour & grace. Which is more than I can say for those commenters.

Johanna Masko June 11, 2009  

WELL!! What an appalling collection of snarky comments!! We KNOW what great taste you have, Claire, and I really enjoy the novel ways you've found to work lovely pieces of fabric into your charming home.

As for music-storing "suggestions," I suppose we could all just buy some form of e-book device and completely eliminate all of our pesky actual books from the shelves, too. Not the point, people!!

I'm not impressed with AT readers. They are the only ones who should feel "shamed".

thelady June 11, 2009  

completely skipped over that post on AT and didn't realize it was you

you have great style, ignore them, it is a total snark fest on AT which is why so many people are scared to enter the Small Cool contest

there is nothing wrong with buying CDs, I buy CDs for artist I really like, the rest I just get the single mp3

roro June 11, 2009  

Those AT folks are crazy! I LOVE the way you turn everyday items into art, all over your place! I hope you didn't take their BS to heart. As for the CDs - I prefer to think of them as "vintage" and I know how much you like vintage things. Go you!

Anonymous,  June 11, 2009  

What is it with the mean comments at apartment therapy? I'm sure it takes a lot of time, but I wish they would moderate their comments because there can be so much negativity!

Don't get discourged, I think your project is adorable!

elisabetha June 11, 2009  

bugger those critics - i'm still mystified at how a craft project can attract comments of music organization preferences. totally unrelated and unnecessary, people -- sheesh!

good for you though, for revisiting the project. the new fabric you chose looks really lovely with the room.

Alison June 12, 2009  

There are a lot of overly critical people that comment on Apartment Therapy, who are really out of touch with how most folks live. While I love that website for inspiration, reading the comments people leave either makes me angry or makes me laugh.

I thought your project was great! And I like the Marimekko even better

Anonymous,  June 12, 2009  

I am always amazed by how pompous and rude people are on Apartment therapy. I don't think they realise that its a real persons lounge room. For what its worth it all looks very nice and I think it is important to keep some CD's.

Lisa PN June 12, 2009  

wow, the readers of AT seem like total dorks. so sorry about that.

i think that everything you create is beautiful and brilliant, and uniquely you.

As for throwing out CD's, whatever. You are talking to the lady who has vinyl, cassettes and cd's. I figure i'll have my own little museum one day...yep ;-)

Carolyn June 12, 2009  

What a bunch of superior a**holes making comments at AT! I love them judging you for keeping your CDs...what business it is of theirs? And irrelevant to the project. These are the people that fill bookshelves with books they will never read, just to impress people that visit. You go with your project girl!!

LW,  June 12, 2009  

I love your blog so much.
The art, the crafts, the designs.

I don't read AT, and won't check the comments.

But I wanted you to know that I get excited every time you post. You're one of my favorite blogs.

Thanks for sharing with us, and ignore the nay-sayers!

Michelle June 13, 2009  

At least they asked you for permission to post your photo! They didn't ask me, and I still got ripped apart!

It sucks that people can feel the need to be so mean. Maybe their mothers didn't hug them enough as children, or something.

For what it's worth, I think the after addition with fabric looks so much better.

Kristy June 15, 2009  

What is it with AT readers? They can be so mean!

ShockTheBourgeois June 15, 2009  

Wow, now I'm feeling a little dissed here...

I left a comment on the AT post (under this name), and I certainly wasn't trying to be a "twat," "butt head," "wannabe," "dork," "superior a**hole," etc. etc.

I agree that many of the other comments took on an unpleasant tone, and most were irritatingly off-topic. However, I really do try to be tactful and respect that other community members have feelings.

Anyway, I thought your cabinet was really cute with the floral fabric, and even cuter in the more recent picture you posted. I hope you didn't interpret my comment as nasty, or as a put-down!

I know how you feel though- one of the very first comments I got on my blog was "STUPID." It just about destroyed my confidence, but I'm realizing there are just a lot of hateful people out there!

tania June 18, 2009  

boy! i only read the first few comments becuse they made me sad- why do people bother to make unkind comments? haven't they heard of "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
and i still have tons of cd's too- i like to listen to them in the kitchen while i cook dinner and they are much more poorly looking than your lovely display!

sweetie pie press June 22, 2009  

yup. design snobs who think their opinions matter. that's my opinion, anyway. and for the record: i know that i don't matter.

Clover August 29, 2013  

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