>> Monday, May 12, 2008

We had a busy weekend, hosting my family on Saturday for dinner, and hosting Bradley's family for Sunday dinner. And both evenings I was up until 1am working on artwork for the last of a series of five children's books I've been working on the past few weeks. It's not as bad as all that though because I've always been a night owl. I perk up around 6pm and get very energetic around 10pm and have to force myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Which I rarely do.

But I still managed to sneak out for a little thrift shopping Sunday afternoon although I felt oddly guilty. Lots of shops were closed and it was like "why aren't you at home have quality time with your mom? I hope you're not here picking up last minute flowers because you forgot it was mother's day" But it was worth it because I really liked what I found. This picnic basket (for $4.99) actually has a little table that fits inside it. Also good for separating things in the basket so less things get squished. I assume. The table cloth is a previously thrifted item but seems to belong with the basket.
When we go picnicking I like to take a pillow, and I've decided the charming pillowcase (below) will be perfect for that since it has a kind of woodland feel. I bought this from the friendly & talented Marnie at the Trunk sale (I also loved her "play capes" for children). The sale was lots of fun and as usual a source of lots of buying and swapping as well as selling.

note the bird ribbon. how can I resist anything with bird ribbon?

I also bought this cutlery roll from Marnie, which will also go in the basket.
My favourite part is the matching napkins.
And while I'm showing off the things I got at the trunk sale, I'm loving this spring scarf created by Dory who posts here. The colours came out a bit dark in the photo, the dark patches are actually navy blue corduroy.
It's warm but not too warm if you know what I mean. Also I like to see the fabrics that other people put together, it's like getting a little batch of someone else's stash.


Alison May 13, 2008  

its a pie basket, designed for transporting 2 pies. they work great for keeping any food from getting squished.

Concha May 13, 2008  

what a lovely find! :) I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous,  May 13, 2008  

the picnic bag is very very cheap !! where did u found it?

Bradley,  May 13, 2008  

Does this mean we can finally have a two-pie picnic? Steak and Guinness meal followed by an apple crumble.
Hooray for Goodwill finds!

Nanette Merrill and daughters May 14, 2008  

Darling vintage things. What fun.

Hurrayic May 16, 2008  

I like the basket. Funny, I just had one of these (from a thrift store) in my hand yesterday, wavering...did I really need it? But it looks so nice. I opted to place it back on the shelf. Oh well. Glad you will be using yours.

Anonymous,  May 16, 2008  

Oh, yes, it's a pie carrier! Down south we traditionally use them to carry goodies to church suppers and the like. :-) Take a look at the $130 version on the Longaberger site. Great shopping!

Goiuri May 21, 2008  

You make really beautiful crafts!!

hellskitten May 23, 2008  

oooh all the gorgeous fabrics! i love patterns fabric and vintage stuff too.

i love reading your blog. you photography is great too.


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